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Enviromental commitment

Because more and more families are aware of how important it is to protect the natural resources and chose a sustainable community as their home, our theme “A Green Planned Community”, is characterized by its environmental practices, like the management of its golf course and residential community.

The results of these efforts have distinguished us with environmental certificates obtained over many years. Audubon International awarded the golf course as a wildlife sanctuary and also the Blue Ecological Flag flies over the main entrance of the residential and golf community.  Our Golf Superintendent has been recognized with the Environmental Leaders in Golf Award given by the American Association of Golf Course Superintendents and Golf Digest magazine.


Winning the first edition of the Rene Frank prize, which was awarded by the Costa Rican Chamber of Real  Estate brokers, as the Best Residential Development and receiving certificates for the Best Golf Development in Costa Rica with 5 stars by the Americas Property Awards, a competition organized by CNBC and “The New York Times”, confirms that Parque Valle del Sol betted correctly on  natural areas conservation and  protection of  exhaustible resources, being a legacy of great value for future generations.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Every year you see more natural areas affected by residential communities and commercial centers that have been developed in the same zone, causing native wildlife to move outside its natural habitat. However, Valle del Sol Golf Course, has developed a concept to create natural refuges all around the course in order to help preserve the wildlife. Following this environmental perspective, 15 vast lakes were designed within the golf course creating natural sites which over time have made new and diverse habitats in favor of the growth of wildlife.

Since the beginning of our operation, we have been aware of the importance of the environment and have adopted various strategies and modern practices, which have significantly reduced the impact in the maintenance of the golf course. Various organizations, like Audubon International, USGA and GCSAA, have given us their support and their guidance to ensure a safe environmental management in the everyday operation of the golf course. The main guidelines are divided into 6 categories:
– Environmental Planning.
– Wildlife Habitats.
– Reduction and security in  handling chemicals.
– Water Conservation.
– Water Quality.
– Education and outreach program to external communities.
Flora and fauna

“Also, living in peace and harmony in this community, there are many species of birds and butterflies that are attracted by the variety of flowers found in our land, in an environment ideal for growth”.

The residential development has a lot of green zones decorated with semi tropical vegetation, where you can observe many multicolored summer flowers, Poppies, Indian Laurel Trees, Crocus and other native species. The most visual attractions upon entering the residential community are the decorated islands of the boulevards, with rows of towering royal palms of more than the 15 meters high.

The National Biodiversity Institute certified the existence of 93 types of trees within the golf course which exist due to the natural regeneration process. There are also 12 types of precious woods that are actually threatened due to their overexploitation, loss of habitat and illegal logging, as Ron Ron, Cocobolo, Cristobal, Mahogany, Guayacan, Ceiba, Tempisque, Almond and Cedar among others.

The Bird Club of Costa Rica (BBCR) has spotted more than 50 species of birds living here and has been observed in the nature that surrounds the golf course. November is when the majority of bird migration occurs. The birds usually rest on the shores of the lakes on their voyage north to south in search of warmer weathers. Also, many other species have chosen to establish the golf course as their permanent home like the many families of wild ducks that swim in the lakes.
“Teaching your children to care for and to respect all living things that inhabit this beautiful place is easier when you practice it every day”.
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