Get Golf Ready

“Get Golf Ready” is an innovative and comprehensive 5-lesson program specially crafted to enhance your golfing skills from scratch! Whether you’re an absolute beginner, a budding golf enthusiast, or just looking to fine-tune your game, this program is specifically designed to meet your unique needs. Our team of highly trained professionals is fully equipped with the latest techniques and strategies required to teach golf to people with little or no knowledge of the sport. At “Get Golf Ready,” you’ll receive top-notch training that covers every aspect of the game, from learning the correct way to grip and position your club, to understanding important course etiquette, and much more! With our user-friendly learning tools and follow-up support, you’ll be confidently hitting the greens like a pro in no time!

Includes: Golf equipment, practice balls and 1 1/2 hour of instruction per lesson.

$ 119

Price per person, with a minimum of three people. Full program.


$ 129
Price per person.
Program for two people.
Full program.

$ 159

Price per full program with individual lessons.


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